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With unmatched expertise, S-Tech Engineering looks forward to service your future engineered components requirements...

Majory serving inquiries from Mumbai, Maharashtra and nearby areas.

S-Tech Engineering is a trading and manufacturing venture which specializes in Solvent Extraction Equipment, Plant & Vegetable Oil Refinery Equipments and Spare Parts. All these Solvent Extraction Machines and other machinery are  offered at industry leading rates to the clients located nationwide and overseas. Established in the year 2006, we have catered to about more than 5,000 clients under the able leadership of Mr. Ahmedpatel Biradar, who has complete knowledge and 20 years of experience in this field.

The Manufacturer, Supplier & Trader meet clients expectations each time with their quality, reliability and innovation. The precisely engineered Redler Conveyor Housing, Hammer Mill, MS Bindicator, Conveyor Drum, Sprocket, Belli Velli Washer, Toughened Glass, Neuprin Gasket and more products offered at best available prices, is strengthening company's competitive position.

In our company, we continue to develop methods of production and marketing. We also have developed a culture, where employees participate and contribute with ideas.

What makes S-Tech Engineering different?

The company is being easy and effective to do business with. Many new and old clients come to us for their product requirement because of following points:

  • Products and service excellence
  • Prompt response to clients
  • Building of mutual profitable relationship with clients and suppliers
  • Retain and attract qualified and experienced employees
  • Continuous development in every segment

Quality in Every Step

The Solvent Extraction Equipments developed in-house are essential for many applications. Therefore, the design, development, accurate dimensioning and finish of each product is looked after professionals. These professionals are experienced and timely trained to improve their skills and knowledge. They are focused on developing Pneumatic System DT and Cooker, Acrylic Transparent Pipe, Butterfly Valve, SS Spray Nozzle for Derator, and all other products, with minimum material wastage and contribute in reducing the operating cost. The project managers keep an eye on the production process. While, the experts visually inspect each product developed and dependent on product carry our several quality tests.

Product Portfolio

The company slowly and steadily has added many kinds of products in its portfolio. The capability of engineers is unmatched. In future, we continue to add more products to this list.

  • Steam Ejector for SEP
  • Redler Conveyor Housing
  • Cyclone and Vaccum Bracker
  • Hammer Mill
  • Rotary Valve
  • MS Fabricated Plumber Block
  • MS Bindicator
  • Bindicator Assembly
  • Elevator
  • Conveyor Drum
  • Seat and cover
  • Sprocket for Redler Conveyor
  • Sprocket for Meal Cooler
  • Sprocket for Bulk Flow Conveyor
  • Belli Velli Washer
  • Brass Brush
  • Nylon Brush
  • Stainless Steel Side Flow Indicator
  • Mild Steel Side Flow Indicator
  • Toughened Glass
  • Gasket
  • Neuprin Gasket
  • Pneumatic System DT and Cooker
  • Acrylic Transparent Pipe
  • Butterfly Valve
  • SS Spray Nozzle for Derator
  • Vacuum Scrubber and Jet Cleaner
  • Expansion Bellow
  • Dosing Timer
  • SS Polish Filter
  • Turning Fork Level Switch

Production Plant

The company designs, engineers and develops components essential to many manufacturing processes. An automatic production set-up allows the company to have limited labor.  A skilled engineer operates the machinery and use tools and instrument to conduct operations, like production, finishing, measurement of dimension accuracy, etc. The finished Solvent Extraction Equipment & Solvent Extraction Machinery to be supplied are stored safely in the warehouse.